What Are the Common Requirements for HOA Board Members?

What Are the Common Requirements for HOA Board Members?

A homeowner's association is only as influential as its board members. Will it be a meeting of minds? Or a gathering of raised voices?

The truth is that good HOA boards start with finding suitable members.

Individuals on HOA boards need to meet specific eligibility criteria. Plus, they must have other unique qualities, and we'll explore some of those in this article.

Read on to discover the common requirements for HOA board members.


You'll need to meet certain conditions to be eligible to become part of an HOA board. The most essential criterion is that you'll need to be a homeowner in that community. This means you'll represent the interests of other homeowners to the best of your abilities.

In some circumstances, you may need to have lived as a homeowner in that community for a minimum period, such as a year. You'll also need to be in good standing in the community. This means no fines or violations on your record.


HOA board members have essential duties, primarily to act in the interests of all residents. This means HOA board members need certain qualities as part of the role. They must be transparent and honest and have excellent attention to detail.

Putting others first means they must avoid a situation where they could make a personal gain at the expense of the community. They'll also be entrusted with the association's funds and must ensure the board spends that money wisely. It requires integrity, good character, and long-term commitment to the role.

Required Time in the Post

When new people join a housing association management group, they must commit to the role for the entire term.

The board generally sets that for that association, and the timespan will vary. But it's most likely between one and three years. You'll need to ensure you have the time to commit to the role for that entire period.

This means committing to all aspects of the role for that time, like attending HOA meetings. You'll need to book time on your calendar to attend these to ensure you don't delay key decisions.

Skills Required for the Role

As one of the HOA board of directors, you must bring specific skills to the role. The most important skill is the ability to communicate effectively. You'll need to communicate well with others on the board and effectively with the broader community.

You'll also need to have skills in negotiation and conflict resolution. There will be times when the board must make a decision, and being able to push the group to a satisfactory conclusion will be necessary. That also means having effective leadership skills.

Financial acumen is also helpful. You'll manage the budget and must have a sound understanding of numbers. You'll also need to familiarize yourselves with laws governing how you spend funds.

Requirements for HOA Board Members: Wrapping Up

As you can see, the requirements for HOA board members extend beyond practical things like being available for meetings. You'll need a lot of integrity and transferable skills to succeed in the role.

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