Syndication Marketing: 4 Benefits of Posting to Hundreds of Rental Sites

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It seems like ages and eons ago when the only two channels you needed to market your rental property were the local newspaper and maybe MLS. Hanging a sign on the lawn used to be what property owners did when they were really eager to fill a vacancy. Today’s digital landscape has significantly changed how individuals find places to rent and how rental property owners market to their targeted tenant audiences. There are literally thousands of online sites that offer listing services for rental properties and vacancies, making it a daunting task to find, post, and manage listings.

As a property owner and investor, you might struggle to sort through which of these sites is most beneficial. But instead of guessing where to list or hoping that the platform you’re using is the best, there is another solution. Syndication may be the marketing tool you need to help market your vacancies across a host of channels. And today, we’ll talk about how you can leverage its benefits.

Scaling for Success

When you talk about the economies of scale, there is an implication that there is a significant cost savings achieved with an increase in productivity. When it comes to marketing your rental property vacancy, syndication will offer huge cost savings in time alone. This kind of scaling means entering one set of data in and ultimately cascading that information to all pertinent sites and channels. Imagine what other growth steps you could be taking if you didn’t have to list your vacancy on each platform individually.

Efficiency in a Single Point of Marketing

Syndication offers additional efficiencies in a single point of marketing. Entering, adding, and changing information to one listing will promote a consistent change across all of the online platforms. You will only have to learn and master one dashboard instead of the multitude of different website listing interfaces. This is an additional time and money-saving benefit.

An Incredible Reach and Frequency Mechanism

When you list your rental property vacancy on a few sites, you’ll likely reach a few potential renters. But when you leverage the syndication tool, it’s like announcing your vacancy with a bull horn to an even broader audience. One click can send your rental property’s marketable features to thousands of potential renters across an entire network of listing websites. You can engage an ongoing strategy to increase your frequency as well, keeping your property listings fresh and visible.

Additional Marketing Benefits

There are a host of syndication services out there that offer additional services and benefits worth exploring, too. Some feature easy-to-use dashboards that also allow for owners to create professional profiles, visible to all audiences and easily shareable. Build your brand with other marketing messages about your rental property business, not just specific vacancies available. These profiles can easily be linked to other professional online networks you might use to increase your online visibility overall.

If you struggle with lengthy timelines with your vacancies, you might be ready for a new tool to help expand your reach and online marketing efforts. If you’re not sure where to begin to explore syndication options for your listings, contact us! We can help introduce you to this game-changing tool and help you design a marketing strategy to ensure your vacancies don’t stay open for long.

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