Tough Renting Decisions Made Easy

Tough Renting Decisions Made Easy
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Owning a rental property can be an excellent source of passive
income for the property owner. However, if you try to manage your
own rental property, you might find yourself struggling to make
all the important decisions that go into marketing and managing
a rental property. How much rent should you charge? What repairs
and maintenance tasks could help you rent your property out for
more? Should you allow pets?

The pets question is a great example. There are pros to allowing
pets (a greater pool of potential tenants and pet fee add-ons),
but there are also cons (damage to the property and liability for
pet behavior). Most property owners aren’t familiar with market
expectations property management techniques that can mitigate the
negatives. Our expert property managers know what most of the
properties in your area are doing and they know how to make sure
your property has the perfect pet policy to maximize your investment.

There’s no reason to make these difficult decisions on your own.
Our property managers have years and years of experience managing
all types of properties. Contact PMI today and put their experience
and expertise to work for you.