Top 3 advantages to having a dedicated Property Manager

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As a property owner, have you ever hired a service provider that made you feel like a pinball? Or one that left you feeling like you were being passed around with no one addressing your needs or effectively assisting you? This experience would leave anyone feeling frustrated. Not only is this bad for their business, but it can negatively affect yours too.

As a property manager, I know the importance of having a dedicated person in place to answer questions in a timely manner. When you remove having a dedicated property manager, it raises the likelihood of miscommunication, which results in your problems not being solved.  Multiple layers of people to communicate with will create confusion and conflicting information.

Here are the top three advantages of having a single dedicated property manager.

Single Point of Contact

Having a single point of contact takes away the guesswork and empowers the property owner.  It inspires confidence in knowing exactly who they can communicate with to get questions answered and problems resolved. You have one set of contact information that you can reach out to with questions and issues.

It also gives the property manager a sense of responsibility. As the dedicated manager, they’re responsible for ensuring your questions get answers, and issues get addressed. You can have confidence that your dedicated manager will receive your message and call you back.

Knowledgeable About Your Portfolio

While having a single point of contact is great, it is just as important to have someone in place who is knowledgeable about your portfolio.  When you have a knowledgeable and dedicated property manager, you can entrust this person to make the best decisions.  In the end, you will see a better return on your investment that can be contributed to great property management.

A manager that’s familiar and knowledgeable about your property will be better able to provide effective and constructive feedback and advice. They’ll be able to provide a more thorough analysis of the property and its future potential.

Easier to Build a Relationship

As a property owner, it is essential that you have a great relationship with the person that you entrust your portfolios. Having a meaningful and purposeful relationship between the property manager and the property owner will drive proficiency.  It also enables your property manager to develop a deeper understanding of your service expectations, risk tolerance, and long term real estate investment goals.

Too many points of contact has the potential to diminish the relationship and cause unnecessary work for you. It can also create confusion with the dissemination of conflicting information. This can result in work being done multiple times by different people while other tasks fall through the cracks.

You should be able to build trust in one person and know that they will follow through. Having one point of contact allows you to spend time and energy getting to know one person. This relationship becomes more like a partnership as your property manager values your best interests.


If you find yourself talking to a different person every time you call your property management firm, then it’s time for a change. Look for a property management group that will dedicate a single manager to your property portfolio.

Here at PMI JCM Realty Group, we value our client relationships and want you to have a single point of contact with your dedicated property manager. I take pride in learning about my client’s property portfolios and what’s most important to them.

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