Safety First: 4 Rental Property Maintenance Tasks to Reduce Your Risks

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We’re often sharing tidbits of advice about increasing the curb appeal of your rental property or how to attract new tenants with easy property upgrades. But all looks aside, one of your main priorities is to make sure your rental property is safe. This tends to fall back into more of a property maintenance concern since much of what you do in terms of repairs and seasonal inspections are to prevent safety hazards. But today, we thought it would be helpful to create a kind of checklist, with safety first in mind, to help you prioritize any spring maintenance efforts. Here are several safety tasks to tackle that can significantly reduce any risks you might have as a property owner and ensure your tenants feel safe in their homes.

Start with an Inspection

Consider starting your safety-first approach by hiring an inspector to review your property. An inspector’s job is to bring any safety concerns to your attention regarding electrical hazards, plumbing issues, or structural failures. An inspection can also ensure your tenants have adequate fire escape routes, with operating windows and working smoke detectors. Staying on top of potential risks and hazards is easy when you have a report that points out loose railings, missing GFCI outlets, and malfunctioning garage door sensors.

Safety Also Starts with Entry Point Security

Another step in your risk-reduction efforts is to address security. Tenants will feel safer with newer, functioning locks on all entry points. It may help to include deadbolting mechanisms, as well. Pay special attention to any sliding glass or patio doors that can sometimes be easy targets for vandals. Tempered glass won’t shatter like regular glass, and door alarms can be helpful security measures for these types of doors. It’s important that all of your rental property windows also lock or latch properly, especially those on a first floor. Some property owners also make use of security cameras in common areas or as street-facing, allowing for a backup surveillance layer of protection.

Investing in Proper Lighting

Exterior lighting is always recommended as a theft-deterrent. Make sure your property has adequate lighting, including motion-sensor lights. Keeping dark corners or yard spaces well-lit will also be helpful in reducing your tenants’ risks of tripping or falling in the dark. You can explore decorative landscape lighting as a way to offer a safety benefit and curb appeal simultaneously.

In-Home Security Systems

There are a host of security system products on the market, many of which are quite effective and affordable. From the wireless installations to the more high-end call center monitor services, you can explore what options best suit your needs and budget. Investing in a security system will make your tenants feel safe and may even be a selling point for your property. But it’s an easy installment that will continue to protect your investment should your property be vacant, as well.

Another easy way to step up your safety-first efforts is to work with a professional property manager. Contact us to discover how a partnership with us can ensure you’re always taking the necessary precautions to protect your tenants and your property investment.

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