How to Find Quality Renters in Today’s Market

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There’s no question. The rental property market has been a roller coaster these last few years. And despite all the changing dynamics, one thing has remained the same. Your ultimate goal is to find, attract, and sign quality renters. So, what does a quality tenant look like for you today? And more importantly, what can you be doing differently to sign more leases with these best-fit renters?

Defining Pre-Screening for Great Tenants

One of the first steps involves creating a guide for yourself and defining what a great tenant is for you. You’ll want to find someone who can and will pay rent on time every month. But you’ll also want a renter who is responsible and keen on taking care of your property, too. The best way to evaluate candidates is to change up your pre-screening process to identify these characteristics. 

  • Credit checks and scores
  • Employment verification
  • Past rental references
  • Background checks

Crafting the Right Property Listings

Another way to attract quality renters is by carefully crafting your property vacancy listings. Avoid the standard lingo and, instead, use language that describes the perfect rental experience. Use impressive photos and videos. Create video walkthroughs and highlight your property’s best features. When you elevate your ad description, you, in turn, elevate and attract a higher caliber of tenants. Make sure your listing includes more than just your property amenities, too:

  • Nearby parks and recreation
  • Local commutes for career professionals
  • Neighborhood perks for retirees or families
  • Entertainment options locally

Where Quality Renters Look 

A lot has changed in how today’s consumers research, browse, and make purchasing decisions. So, as a rental property manager, you’ll need to know where your quality renters spend most of their time online so you can connect with them. And to ensure they engage with you, you’ll need to leverage every tech-based solution for convenience, from looking at your property online to effortless application processes. Once you’re confident your property listing is perfect, and all your digital assets are available online to showcase the space, you can explore these outlets, in addition to any traditional listing sites you already use.

Social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great platforms for announcing a new vacancy. Create your ads and then share them across all your platforms and within the community groups there.

Zillow – Whether you like Zillow or not, thousands of potential renters browse available vacancies there daily. Get your property listed there for maximum visibility.

Craigslist – This and other “marketplace” sites are great places to share your rental properties. They’re not always reliable, however, relocating renters will often use Craigslist for all kinds of resources. 

Real estate agents – Every time you have a new vacancy listing, create an email campaign and send your description and images to local real estate agents. 

Partner with PMI JCM Realty Group

If you really want to eliminate any stress associated with finding quality renters in today’s market, bring in the pros. At PMI JCM Realty Group, we harness all the latest tech and innovations needed to attract the best tenants. And our team knows all the latest market trends, which allows us to stay ahead and always find just the right places to find great prospects for you. We’ll work within your parameters for pre-qualification. And we’ll handle every detail, from developing the most effective listings to lease signing. 

When you’re ready to start booking the highest quality renters, consider these tips and insights. And give us a call when you’re ready to take the hassles out of finding the best-fit candidates. With a rental market this volatile today, you can benefit from bringing in an expert rental property manager to help.

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