How to Achieve Investment Portfolio Success without Overspending

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As a rental property investor, you continuously look for new and innovative ways to grow the value and size of your portfolio. And success will be defined differently among investors. However, you might define portfolio success by reducing overall expenses and costs, improving the existing portfolio’s value, or by investing in additional properties to add to your roster. Observing your rental property portfolio through the lens of these three methods will present a host of opportunities for growth and improvement. Here are some ROI-based ideas to help you start improving your portfolio successfully.

Reducing Your Portfolio Expenses

In many cases, rental property owners can see immediate bottom-line results when they take the necessary steps to reduce overspending and to identify areas of potential savings. Cutting back where you can on the cash flowing out can significantly improve your overall property ROI. And you’ll likely grow more robust cash reserves to tap into for any needed renovations or for buying additional properties. Here are a few areas that might provide just the savings your portfolio needs to be successful.

  • Negotiate better rates with maintenance and operational vendors.
  • Explore potential refinancing savings, cash infusion, and interest rates.
  • Increase rent, where applicable.
  • Invest in management software solutions that streamline efforts and reduce overhead.
  • Stop advertising campaigns that aren’t working.
  • Keep up with regular maintenance efforts to avoid expensive replacements unexpectedly.
  • Tighten up the pre-screening process to reduce the risks of placing bad tenants.

Improving Your Portfolio’s Value

You might look at your existing portfolio of rental properties to identify areas of value improvement. But you’re mindful of your budget, so you need to be smart about what upgrades or renovations will actually make sense to your bottom line right now. Here are some affordable improvements that might fit your current budget. And remember, these updates can make your property more appealing to renters, more marketable, and more efficient to manage, too.

  • Consider smart home upgrades that improve marketability and value.
  • Renovate spaces with small and medium-sized upgrades, including fresh paint, flooring, or appliances.
  • Find new revenue channels, including additional storage or discounted cleaning services, for which you can charge additional fees.
  • Improve curb appeal with proper landscaping and yard maintenance.
  • Add new amenities worthy of higher rent, including laundry facilities, pools, or patio areas.

Buying Additional Properties to Grow Your Portfolio

If your idea of a successful portfolio includes adding new properties to your roster, then these are the steps you should consider first. You’ll want to have a transparent understanding of your financing options, including knowledge of hard loans and traditional bank loans. You’ll want to be an expert on the local market to best select a property that offers the best ROI opportunities based on location and local amenities that matter to renters. And you’ll need to be guided by the numbers to know a good purchase price from a money pit and a gold mine flip house from an investment nightmare.

  • Diversify your portfolio, including property type and location.
  • Make clear distinctions between potential assets for flipping and renting before you buy.
  • Work with area realtors to help you find ideal properties worth buying.
  • Invite others to invest with you to reduce the upfront investment burden.
  • Identify those with existing tenants of whom you’ll assume rental management.
  • Work with a rental property manager with experience in growing rental portfolios through acquisition.

If you want professional guidance for growing a successful portfolio, consider these key area improvements. And reach out to PMI JCM Realty Group when you’re ready to take success to a whole new level! We can help you develop an ongoing portfolio growth strategy that incorporates best practices for reducing your expenses, improving ROI, and purchasing additional properties simultaneously.

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