6 Advantages of Social Media for Marketing Your Vacancy

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Of all the marketing, branding, and advertising efforts you manage, the one strategy that drives immediate results and awareness involves social media. As a rental property owner, social media can be a brilliant way to connect with renters and showcase your properties. And if you’re not building at least one channel profile up, you’re missing out on these key advantages you can only achieve with social media.

1. Meet your tenants where they are – on social media!

Since more than 70% of all Americans are on social media at any given time, it’s a safe bet your potential tenants are included. When you showcase your property vacancy on popular channels, including Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, you can be confident that your best prospects are seeing it. And if they’re moved by your content, including those stunning photos you upload and walkthrough videos, they’ll reach out about applying.

2. Social media activity builds trust within your community

Even if you have a stack of applications to sort through, post your vacancy on social media anyway. Sharing within your social media communities about your vacancies then presents additional opportunities for you to follow up with posts about having those vacancies filled. Additionally, it demonstrates how quickly and desirable your property is. And your continuous presence builds trust with your online audiences.

3. Great for reputation-building and management

With a constant line into your community of potential renters, supporters, colleagues, and friends, you’re able to manage your brand reputation as a landlord and real estate investor. Manage your brand image and build authority as the leading voice for the rental community online, with tips, insights, and community-related news.

4. Visually entice potential renters to your vacancy

You can visually stimulate your audiences best with social engagement. For instance, take high-quality photos of your property, its amenities, and the neighborhood to attract renters. Use video footage to demonstrate what it’s like to live in your property – creating an experience, not just a listing. There is an emotional component to visual assets. And you can tap into those emotional responses with social media.

5. Great for engaging with your existing tenants

You know who else is on social media? Your existing tenants hang out there, too. And you can build groups and communities around those who already rent from you. Social channels can be the ideal place to share reminders and communications. Additionally, you can field questions and engage easily. Also, when it comes time for lease renewal, it’s the social media relationships you build that can ensure your best renters stick around.

6. Sharing more than just a vacancy

Social media isn’t just for vacancies. In addition to finding new applicants, you can use your social media profiles to communicate and connect in relevant ways. And if you run out of ideas on what to post and share, get inspired by some of these ideas.

  • A behind-the-scenes of your daily building operations
  • A meet-the-staff series where you highlight different members of your team
  • Share status updates about policy changes, new amenities, and other changes 
  • Post reviews of your rental property from current and past tenants
  • Share industry-related blog posts and news articles
  • Ask for tenant referrals

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