5 Ways to Position Your Property Investment Portfolio for Success This Year

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Let’s get into some real portfolio-growth talk. When you first embarked on your rental property ownership journey, you had brilliant goals and dreams. You let yourself envision incredible returns and swelling portfolio value that would carry you well into retirement and generational legacy. That’s what property investment is all about, right?

But then, you actually got into rental property management. 

And, like most investors, you felt a bit overwhelmed with your first property or two. Chasing down rent, figuring out advertising, and scheduling contractors may have averted your eyes from the portfolio growth goals you once had. And here you are in 2023, wondering how you can get back to those original rental investment objectives. 

Today, we’ll share the few critical ways you can get back on track and position your rental portfolio for success!

1. Reduce Your Risks

Look at your rental portfolio now and start taking steps to reduce your investment risks. For many, this means diversification. Real estate can be cyclical and ever-changing. But it’s the diversified portfolio that sustains in any industry shift or nuance. Consider single and multi-family units. Look for properties in metropolitan and rural areas. Explore the various options that allow you to always have profit, even if not every asset is profitable at the same time.

Consider these differentiating factors:

  • Asset Class – Multi-family and single-family dwellings
  • Tenant Type – Families, singles, students, retirees, or Section 8
  • Investment Strategy – High appreciation, high yield, or cash flow

2. Increase Funding Opportunities

When you do experience rental portfolio growth, you have an opportunity to increase and leverage potential funding. Cash-out refinance is popular, allowing you to turn equity into liquid assets you can use for property renovation or to buy additional properties. Look to explore what lending power you have with the equity already accumulated in your existing portfolio. You can use those resources to right your ship and get your ROI back on track.

3. Leveraging Tax Deductions

Another immediate improvement you can look to make with your portfolio of rental properties involves smarter tax deductions. Talk with your accounting professional to see if there are benefits you’re not taking advantage of, including write-offs. Review each of these expenses and ensure you’re leveraging every opportunity to save:

  • Mortgage Interest & Property Taxes
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Routine Rental Maintenance or Repairs
  • Depreciation
  • Travel & Office Costs
  • Accounting & Legal Expenses
  • Property Management Services

4. Contingency Planning for Your Property Investment

Another way to make your portfolio more valuable to you is by using it as a tool for contingency planning. Have exit strategies for financial emergencies, which is going to be harder to do if you only own one property. However, if you have a portfolio of rental properties, you can create plans to help you make quick decisions to sell individual properties, structure rent-to-owns, or sell shares to other investors. 

5. Working with a Property Investment Professional

Probably the savviest move you could make right now with your rental portfolio, especially if you’re intent on getting back to your original financial goals, is to hire a professional. And if you’re already working with a property management partner but still aren’t achieving investment success, it’s time to change gears. When you work with PMI JCM Realty Group, we do more than just handle tenants, collect rent, and run ads on your behalf. We work with you directly to develop a customized investment plan that aligns with your portfolio goals from day one. 

When you’re ready to make real changes to redirect the trajectory of your rental property investments, contact us!

PMI JCM Realty Group Can Help

At PMI JCM Realty Group, we’re always sharing the latest in rental property investment tips along with the latest emerging trends in Tampa’s market. If you need new ways to improve your landlord-tenant experience, vendor relationships, customized portfolio performance, or your bottom line ROI, get signed up now to check out our free webinar. There you’ll find the game-changing strategies you need for rental investment success. Plus, it’s also a must-watch resource with advice and actionable tips for today’s rental investors. It’s called How to Streamline Your Rental Portfolio for Maximum Growth! And local property investors, both here in Tampa and elsewhere, who have goals similar to yours, will always find something innovative to apply.

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