5 Ways to Make the Best Walk-Through Videos of Your Rental Property

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If you’re still putting off those walk-through videos for your rental property, keep reading. Don’t be intimidated by the tech and throw your stage fright to the wind. Here’s how you can overcome your misconceptions about creating walk-through videos of your property and attracting more tenants! It’s easier than you might think!

1. Start with the Right Tools

No, you won’t need to invest in thousands of dollars worth of video equipment or editing software. All you really need is a quality cell phone with video capability or a standard video camera that you might already have. Get yourself a tripod and maybe a portable light. When it comes to editing your videos, if you decide you want to get creative with sounds and graphics, there are a host of free trial software solutions out there to sample when you’re ready.

For starters, consider downloading FilMiC Pro for either iOS or Android. It’s an app that cranks your phone’s built-in camera to new, DSLR-like quality. Add stabilization, focus, and balance to every shot you take with your mobile device, and skip desktop editing altogether.

2. Create Your Go-To Shot List

Before you head to the property to start shooting, sit down and create a shot list. This will be your road map of the rental space’s best features and attributes. Developing the complete list of amenities worth filming first will take all the guesswork out of the walk-through video. You can then organize those points in order of how you’ll film them, from the street view, through the front door, into the kitchen, etc. Half the battle is knowing what to shoot in your video. This shot list will streamline everything when you’re ready to shoot.

3. Schedule Your Shoot During Great Weather 

With the right equipment and shot list in hand, the next walk-through video planning step involves scheduling a good weather day. Overcast and cloudy days aren’t going to provide your best lighting. And even if you can bring artificial light into the space, you’re not going to get the best impression shot of your rental property’s exterior. Sure, the weather is unpredictable, making it hard to really plan around it. But at least know that the best weather, which brings sun and a generous flow of natural light, will help you make the best and most flattering videos of your property.

4. Staging Walk-Through Videos for Best Results

Once you’re confident you have all the gear, plan, and great weather, it’s time to hit record. But before you do, practice a few walk-throughs without recording to see how long it takes, to spot quick fixes, and to get the marbles out of your mouth when you share the details aloud. (P.S. You don’t have to speak at all if you’re not comfortable.) It’s during these practice runs that you can stage details for best results, too. Bring in that artificial light if you need to illuminate a dark closet or corner. Put a vase of colorful or fresh flowers on the counter. Straighten the drapes and the welcome mat. It’s those little details you can fix to make sure the property’s best features are showcased effectively.

Bonus tip: While you’re looking for little improvements to make, also make note of any unflattering visuals you’ll want to avoid with the camera.

5. Let Your Property Manager Handle It

Here’s the ultimate answer to all your walk-through video problems. If you’re just not confident in your own ability, are not so tech savvy, or just don’t have time for walk-through videos, let the pros handle it. When you decide to work with a qualified property manager, like the team at PMI JCM Realty Group, you have an expert who understands all aspects of marketing your property, including walk-through videos and digital imagery. 

If you need a leg-up with your walk-through video efforts, call PMI JCM Realty Group!

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