5 Incredible Tampa Amenities You Should Be Marketing to Attract Tenants

5 Incredible Tampa Amenities You Should Be Marketing to Attract Tenants
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There is certainly no shortage of available marketing advice out there for rental property owners. And most of the suggestions are sound in theory. But not every vacancy advertising tip is going to work for every investor. There is, however, one marketing recommendation that is proven to be effective in every rental property investment scenario – local amenity promotion.

Potential renters will obviously want to know everything there is to know about your dwelling. But moving to a new neighborhood or community involves more than just a fenced-in backyard or an open floor plan. People will be attracted to a specific region based on job opportunities, available parks and recreation, and social activities. They’ll need to know commute times and what the schools are like. And these details can gain traction when used in your marketing strategy. 

To help create your list of must-advertise features Tampa has to offer, here are the incredible Tampa perks every rental property owner should be leveraging.

1. The Beach Life

Tampa is well-known for its glorious beaches, and a life on the Gulf Coast is always worth promoting. You can attract tenants from across state lines by promoting Ben T. Davis Beach and the nearby Clearwater and St. Petersburg shores. Glorious white sands are just around the corner for Tampa residents. 

2. The Sports Life

Tampa is an absolute hub for sports fans. People will move to an area that provides ample opportunity to take in a game and feel the community excitement for big-league comradery. Residents can enjoy an NFL game at Raymond James Stadium to watch the Buccaneers. The Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team takes the ice all winter long at the Amalie Arena. And baseball fans will love having the New York Yankees in town for Spring training, along with both Tampa home teams, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Tampa Tarpons. 

3. The Educational Life

Tampa is home to several popular and highly rated universities. The University of South Florida is the fourth-largest public university in the state and has more than 50,000 students enrolled every year. The University of Tampa, for students more interested in the private institution experience. Other nearby schools include Southeastern University and Eckerd College, both offering attractive athletic, undergrad, and graduate programs. Owning a rental property in Tampa allows you to tap into these educational amenities that attract new residents to the area ongoing.

4. The Outdoor Life

It’s common for individuals and families to relocate to Florida, in general, because of the balmy year-round weather. Use the Tampa outdoor amenities to attract new tenants, including local parks, golf courses, and outdoor dining venues. Use images in your rental property marketing that portrays the glorious afternoon sun and the softly bending palm trees to help potential renters envision themselves living in Tampa.

5. The Social Life

Tampa is a great place for anyone to call home for a number of reasons. Residents enjoy a 5% lower cost of living than the national average. There are a variety of entertainment venues, restaurants, and retail outlets, perfect for those who need an active social life. Tampa is a popular alternative to the high-priced life in Miami, providing the best of both worlds with plenty of things to do, without the expensive price tags to do them.

If you need help improving your Tampa rental property marketing strategy, consider promoting these incredible Tampa amenities. And give us a call for more vacancy advertising ideas and property management help.


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